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Meter Exchange

Quanta Utility Engineering Services provides Meter Exchange Services and Software.

QUES’ Meter Exchange Services includes:

  • Expertise in Smart Meter exchange and installation of gas and electric meters
    • Experienced technicians to safely and efficiently perform the work
  • Disconnect/Reconnect
  • Meter Network Field Services
  • Meter Safety and QC Inspections
  • Proprietary Software – Utilimeter

QUES’ Meter Exchange Software has performed over one million meter exchanges to date, boasting a 99.9% data acceptance rate by our utility partners. Data validations are performed during each transaction and upload, ensuring the highest possible data integrity. All meters and exchanges are tracked from “cradle to grave” with GIS, photos and all related meter exchange activity recorded during each transaction through our proprietarily written, web-based client portal, QManage. We can provide a true “Turnkey” solution with QUES and its sister construction companies to design and install the network systems to support the meter exchange process.

Utilimeter Software

Utilimeter was created as a tool to facilitate secure and accurate data collection during the meter exchange process.

  • iOS Application
  • Secure Web Interface
  • Manages All Meter Information
    •  Market Selection
    • Meter Assignment
    • Crew Management
    • Data Management
  • Real-time GIS Color-Coded Map/Satellite View
  • Inventory Control
  • Reporting

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