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Intrusive Pole Inspection Services

IOUs, Co-ops, EMCs and other power companies spend large sums of money to inspect and maintain their pole plant every year. They do this to reduce replacement costs, extend the life of the pole plant and to increase the safety and reliability of the system. An effective inspection program paired with remedial treatments has proven to prevent unnecessary pole replacements and keep costs to a minimum.

On average, most distribution poles will have a service life of 30 to 35 years. If a pole is properly inspected and proactively treated, this service life can be much greater. With effective on-cycle remedial treatment and inspection, poles can have a service life of more than double the average distribution pole…that’s more than 70 years of serviceability.

QUES acknowledges and understands that no two contracts are alike and prides itself on the ability to adapt to the needs of the customer by providing customized Intrusive Pole Inspection Programs. Current customers range from small, rural electric cooperatives to nation-wide IOUs with contracts ranging from 1,000 poles to 350,000 poles annually.

Lazy Q Foreman Inspection Training Program

QUES has partnered with Vector Force Development to assist veterans’ transition to the civilian sector by providing job placement and world class training at the Lazy Q Ranch in La Grange, Texas. All candidates attend an 8-week, veteran based program, which provides the tools and knowledge to become a successful inspection foreman in the utility industry.

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