QUES maintains that there is no job more important than the safety and wellbeing of our employees.

At QUES, safety isn’t just a routine we perform based on a series of “checks and steps”, safety is woven into the very fiber of our workplace culture. There are no shortcuts, no exceptions and no compromises when it comes to Safety. Every team member is part of creating a SAFE PLACE to work and to do business.

All our employees help to establish and maintain a safe work environment by identifying and mitigating hazards related to our work. We accomplish this by pre-planning the work, maintaining a safe attitude and by being focused on the job at hand.

QUES is uncompromising in our mission and our safety record reflects that. We are relentless in our pursuit of 24/7, 365, zero lost workdays by constant evaluation of our safety culture, practices, training and inspections. With a respectable EMR, we have proven year after year that we walk the walk in our industry. Our EMR and Total Injury Rates have surpassed industry averages for the past five years.

Our Safety Mission is predicated on safely providing our clients with the highest quality deliverables at the best value possible.

We are continually improving our processes and work practices to enhance our zero-injury culture thus preventing incidents through an organized safety and risk management approach that employs the following:

  • Commitment from all levels that “No job is so important it cannot be done safely”
  • A vision that ZERO injuries is possible, with an emphasis on proactive upstream measures
  • Daily pre-task safety planning process for all crews
  • Robust communication and awareness processes if an incident occurs (Safety Alert and root cause analysis within 48 hours)
  • A monthly safety metrics dashboard creating accountability at all levels
  • Weekly, documented, high-quality jobsite safety inspections conducted by all levels of the organization
  • Safety education and training for all QUES employees


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