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Safety is Paramount.

All our pilots are not only certified with their FAA part 107, but they undergo multiple hours of flight operations training and hands on flight time before ever setting foot on a project. Quanta has one of the largest fleets of helicopters in our industry and the best pilots in the country flying them. We have harnessed the experience of these aviation experts to help develop safe operating procedures for our UAS data collection operations.

Data Collection Leads to Informed Decision Making. With the ability to deploy UAS capable of collecting high resolution targeted imagery, photogrammetric point clouds, thermal data and LiDAR, we are helping our clients better understand their projects and make better decisions. Collection of data is important, however interpreting, securing, storing, and putting the data into meaningful user-friendly formats is what sets QUES apart. QUES has a very strong custom software development team in house that is coupled with industry experts to create seamless solutions to our clients most complex data challenges.

Data security matters. QUES is aware of concerns of data being transmitted from some manufacturer’s platforms without user authorization. To combat this, we have sourced several domestically made UAS with more reliable data security measures. From the time the data is collected until such time as it is ready for use, we follow best practices to rapidly remove data from onboard storage on the aircraft to our secured data storage in the field.

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