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Quanta Utility Engineering Services, Inc. (QUES) is the consolidation of four existing, longstanding distribution, transmission, substation, engineering, asset management, and professional services business units within the Quanta Services portfolio (NYSE: PWR).

Building upon the exceptional reputation and leadership of each company, the concept is that a single brand will enhance the product line visibility, eliminate geographical boundaries, and create new business opportunities across North America and the operating markets of Quanta Services around the world.

QUES charter members include PAR Electrical Contractors, Inc. – Engineering Division (2002), Utility Line Management Services, Inc. (2004), North Sky Engineering, Inc. (2009) and Utilimap Corporation, Inc. (2011).

PAR Electrical Contractors, Inc. – Engineering Division

In February 2002, the newly formed Engineering and Design Division of PAR Electrical Contractors, Inc. (PAR) began operations in Southern California with a Deteriorated Pole Design/Build Pilot Program. Based upon the success of that program, PAR’s engineering group became the model for all future design contracting entities working with that customer. PAR’s engineering group became successful in securing several, concurrent multi-year contract awards to provide that customer with a variety of overhead and underground Transmission and Distribution Engineering and Drafting services within all regions of its customer’s 50,000 square mile service territory. Furthermore, PAR’s engineering group demonstrated its ability to successfully service other large clients with longstanding contracts throughout California and Montana.

Utility Line Management Services, Inc.

Utility Line Management Services, Inc. (ULMS) provided professional project support resources for all aspects of Transmission, Distribution, Substation Construction / Maintenance (including Testing and Commissioning), Generation and Telecommunications Projects since 2004. ULMS was experienced in Greenfield, retrofit and commissioning of existing utility facilities. ULMS employs highly skilled/experienced professionals within the industry, including Project Managers, Construction Managers, Quality Control Specialists/Inspectors, Safety Specialists, Startup Engineers, Planners, Project Controls (Cost/Schedule Engineers), Analysts, Construction Material Coordinators, Qualified Electrical Workers and Substation Electrical Checkers.

North Sky Engineering, Inc.

Incorporated in 2009, North Sky Engineering, Inc. (North Sky) was a registered, licensed, electrical engineering firm with principle operations in Washington, Oregon and Alaska. North Sky was composed of Engineers, Technicians, Project Managers and Specialists offering a broad range of professional services that provides the solid base of electrical expertise and creative solutions to the growing demands of the electrical utilities industry. North Sky developed extremely productive and streamlined processes for assessment, planning, engineering and procurement, as well as holding on to the tried and true traditional methods, practices, and techniques.

Utilimap Corporation, Inc.

In 2011, the Eastern Division of PAR’s Planning, Engineering and Technical Services operation was integrated into Utilimap Corporation (Utilimap), a company acquisition. Utilimap is not only a recognized industry leader in Asset Management, Engineering Design, Technical Services but a prominent, full-service utility inspection company. Utilimap provides distribution, transmission and substation engineering, custom software, vegetation management and asset management services. Utilimap is known for an unwavering commitment to safety, quality and performance. Utilimap was most prominently known for its successful, multiyear involvement with the first, major fiber-to-the-home project in the Midwestern United States.

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