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Engineering & Inspection Services – Google Fiber & Other Third-Party Attachers

Date of Award: April 2015

Contract Status: Ongoing

  • Serviced from both Regional Offices located in Atlanta, GA; Corporate and Regional Offices located in Kansas City, MO and St. Louis, MO
  • Working directly for and in support of Georgia Power
  • Project Management Office
    • Establishment of local office in greater Atlanta
    • Full-time Project Manager
    • Full-time Project Supervision, engineering and administrative support
  • Engineering application compliance with GPC Standards
    • Desktop review of Make-Ready Engineering applications
    • Field review of MRE applications
    • Application status reporting in compliance with GPC schedule commitments
  • Construction Inspection
    • Lead and participate in daily crew safety tailboards
    • Validate crew performance with industry best practices and GPC’s’ expectations
    • Ensure installation is consistent with accepted “For Construction” plans as approved by GPC
    • Document any simple deviations (red-line) as acceptable to GPC by best practices or GPC Standard
    • Document complex deviations between field and plan; escalate to GPC for timely remedy or redesign
  • Storm Assessment Services
    • Support local GPC Operations in tropical storm damage recovery
    • Validate reported outage remedy as complete
    • Document remaining recovery work, stand by and make safe where unsafe conditions remain
    • Document ancillary clean-up of work site debris and landscape
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