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Master Services Agreement – Distribution Overhead and Underground Networking Engineering & Design

Date of Award: February 2002

Contract Status: Ongoing

  • Serviced from Regional Offices located in Southern California
  • First to offer SCE “stand-alone” design services utilizing a blend of retired utility and “non-traditional” personnel for delivery of major utility commodities
  • Distribution Engineering / Design Services
    • Deteriorated Pole (Design/Build & Conventional)
    • UG Structure Replacement (Design Build)
    • UG Cable Replacement
    • OH/UG Equipment (new install & replacement)
      • Capacitors, Switches, Transformers
    • Voltage Conversions
    • Overhead Reconductoring
    • New Feeder Circuits
    • Drafting Services
      • Utility Lookup & Base-map (internal projects & client)
      • Traffic Control Plans
    • Survey Services
      • ROW, Topographical, Boundary & Utility
      • Construction Staking
      • Aerial Mapping, Photogrammetry & LiDAR
      • GIS
    • Permitting Services
      • Supporting SCE Permit Managers for all construction projects (5 of 8 SCE Regions)
      • Deteriorated Pole (Distribution & Sub-transmission)
      • Permit acquisition for internal Technical Planning Projects
      • Pot holing
      • Traffic control permitting


Master Services Agreement – Transmission Overhead Engineering & Design

Date of Award: October 2013

Contract Status: Ongoing

  • Serviced from Regional Offices located in Southern California
    • Performed work in all of SCE’s 6 Grids
  • Transmission Engineering / Design Services
    • Sub-transmission voltages (66kV – 115kV)
    • Deteriorated Pole Replacement (Design/Build & Conventional)
    • Engineered TSP Analysis & Design
      • Steel Pole Moment Calculation and Data Sheet Preparation
    • Capital On-ramp Projects
      • Localized Pole, Conductor and Switch Replacement
    • Transmission Line Rating Remediation (TLRR) Program Design
    • Fault Return Current (FRC) Program Design
    • Relocations
    • Pole-Load Analysis
    • Sag, Swing & Rise Conductor Calculations
    • Drafting Services
      • D.O.T. & Railroad Exhibits


Master Services Agreement – Pole-Load Analysis

Date of Award: April 2017

Contract Status: Ongoing

  • Serviced from Regional Offices located in Southern CA as well as Regional Office in St. Louis, MO
  • Pole-Load Analysis
    • Field Data Collection
    • SpidaCalc Analysis & SpidaMin Commitment
  • 70,000 Poles
    • 1,000 Poles per Week Target
    • Submitted 2,000+ Poles per Week
  • High Fire Assets
    • Ensure PUC Compliance
    • Interface with Private Landowners & Governmental Entities
  • Customer Interface
  • PMO
    • Schedule Development
    • Benchmarking
    • SLA Compliance
    • Safety
    • Project Communication
  • IT Systems Integration
    • Import Customer Data into Proprietary Software
    • Data Return/Refresh
    • Custom Reporting


Master Services Agreement – Support for Substation Construction and Maintenance, Transmission and Distribution, and Edison Carrier Solutions (Telecommunications)

Date of Award: January 2009

Contract Status: Ongoing

  • Substation Construction and Maintenance (SC&M):
    • Substation Maintenance and Construction Project Management, including Project Managers and Contract Construction Site Management and Supervision: Greenfield and brownfield new and modification projects
    • Substation Startup Commissioning: Implement customer and ULMS-developed startup testing processes, component and system performance testing up to 500kV systems
    • Electrical design engineering Quality Assurance reviews for Constructability and design issues
    • Contract Electrical Checkers (IBEW Qualified Electrical Workers) providing safety oversight of contractors working in vicinity of energized electrical sources
  • Transmission and Distribution (T&D):
    • Project Management of T&D Projects, including construction and modification of new and existing SCE facilities and electrical systems
    • Telecommunications: Oversight and management of Transmission Division telecommunications new construction and system modifications, and civil inspections
    • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspections of new and modified components and systems
    • Safety Oversight: SCE and contractor safety oversight of transmission and substation work activities
    • Pole Program Analytics – Degraded Pole Program
    • Air Operations Support and Coordination
    • Project Analytical Support
  • Power Generation:
    • Maintenance support for San Onofre Nuclear Site’s Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI)
    • Maintenance support of the San Onofre Nuclear Site’s 12kV electrical distribution system (ongoing Decommissioning Project)
    • Hydro, Steam, and Diesel Generating Facilities maintenance and construction management support
  • Edison Carrier Solutions (Telecommunications): Contractor oversight and inspections of new construction and system modifications
  • Material Coordination support to SC&M and T&D projects


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